Backing up your Flickr Photos

I recently got a message from a Flickr user suggesting that there were  few good methods for backing up or bulk downloading a users’ Flickr photos.  The user suggested that Bulkr was a method but was rather over priced at $40(currently at $29 holiday special).  This seemed rather strange to me since Flickr is such [...]

I have an old Inspiron 6000 laptop that runs . However, when I upgraded to the new Ubuntu 11.04 the wireless stopped working. I hope this fix helps anyone else with the same issue… To get the wireless working again, run: sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter firmware-b43-installer Then reboot your computer and you should be good [...]

Flickr as a photo feed, like Facebook - Part 1

Flickr is a great website for photographers, but often lacks the social impact of sites such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Facebook always shows you the latest activity in the form of a feed, handing you the information on a silver platter. This is one of the reasons people sign in every day – new [...]

Download Instagram photos to computer instantly

Instagram is an iPhone app that can take photos of those quick fleeting moments throughout the day when a digital camera isn’t handy. Especially unique are the filters that can be applied to the photos, often times turning a simple shot into a memorable work of art. While Instagram doesn’t replace a good digital camera, it [...]

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