Instagram is an iPhone app that can take photos of those quick fleeting moments throughout the day¬†when a digital camera isn’t handy. Especially unique are the filters that can be applied to the photos, often times turning a simple shot into a memorable work of art. While Instagram doesn’t replace a good digital camera, it does come in handy when only the iPhone is available and the digital camera is out of reach.

With Instragram, sharing your new photo is as easy as choosing your social medium and hitting a button. The photo is then whisked away into the Internet where it’s available for your social groups to enjoy. A copy of this photo is also stored in the phone.

I store and work with all my photos on the computer, so having Instagram shots on the Internet or on my phone isn’t ideal. I’d prefer them with my main set of photos on my computer where I have my collection of photography software. While there are websites that are devoted to downloading your Instagram photos, and there are iPhone Apps that will transfer data to the computer – I’d still have to take the time to do all this.

Now I have a solution that transfers Instagram photos to my computer – and most importantly doesn’t require any work. Just the way I like it for my iPhone photos where I shoot, share and forget. Now all the shots I take automatically appear on my computer after I take them with Instagram. I can be on vacation taking pictures and I know they’ll immediately make their way to my computer at home.

Synchronized with computer

photoSync is what helps me do this bit of magic. It automatically synchronizes my Flickr photos with my computer so that any new changes to my Flickr account (such as a new Instagram photo) will also happen on my computer.

Now, I simply take all the Instagram photos I want and make sure they’re shared with Flickr. Without any additional work, the photo will be on my computer. And the bonus, the photos will get backed up whenever my photo back up process kicks off.

I’m all for making things easy and efficient. It’s great to come back to a computer with all my Instagram photos just waiting for me!

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